Our post production studio is based in the heart of the city Chemnitz – Germany. Our studio works on a fully digital level. This has many benefits over traditional analog gear. The sound quality our studio produces is excellent. The tools along with the gear used by our studio are of the highest standard and one of the best you can find. Here is a short extract of the brands and gear we use ->

The heart of our studio is the No. 1  Digital Audio Workstation – AudionetworX Audio PC-System, combined with Steinberg´s WaveLab Mastering Suite. The AD/DA Unit is a MOTU Traveler. For the Mastering process we use TC Electronic System 6000 MKII. TC´s Clarity M is also used for the most accurate leveling and metering. For clear monitoring we trust Genelec.

However, there is a lot more gear and tools in the background that are used such as:

  • TC Electronic – System 6000 MKII
  • dbx Quantum Mastering Compressor
  • WAVES – SSL 4000 Collection
  • Genelec – 1030A
  • Yamaha – 02r V2 and 01v
  • TC Electronic – Clarity M

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